Town & Village Courts in Herkimer County

There are 29 local justice courts in Herkimer County. These courts hear local misdemeanor and violation case including speeding tickets. The justices that preside in these courts issue fines and penalties based on New York state Vehicle & Traffic law and work with the prosecuting attorney's office, usually the Herkimer County District Attorney. Listed below are the 29 town and village courts in Herkimer County with their contact information. We represent clients in these courts charged with traffic violations and are available as Of Counsel for attorneys and law firms across the country.

Village Court of Cold Brook

Town Court of Columbia

Town of Danube Justice Court

Village of Dolgeville Court

Town of Fairfield Court

Town Court of Frankfort

Village Court of Frankfort

Town of German Flatts Court

Herkimer Town Court

Herkimer Village Court

Village Court of Ilion

Phone: (315) 894-4175

Town Court of Litchfield

Phone: (315) 894-2935

Town Court of Little Falls

Phone: (315) 823-1202

City Court of Little Falls

Phone: (315) 823-1690

Town Court of Manheim

Phone: (315) 429-9631

Village Court of Middleville

Phone: (315) 891-7645

Village Court of Mohawk

Phone: (315) 866-4312

Town Court of Newport

Phone: (315) 845-8938

Village Court of Newport

Phone: (315) 845-8726

Town Court of Norway

Phone: (315) 845-8796

Town Court of Ohio

Phone: (315) 826-3466

Village Court of Poland

Phone: (315) 826-3432

Town Court of Russia

Phone: (315) 826-3432

Town Court of Salisbury

Phone: (315) 429-8581

Town Court of Schuyler

Phone: (315) 733-1093

Town Court of Stark

Phone: (315) 993-3606

Town Court of Warren

Phone: (315) 858-2586

Town Court of Webb

Phone: (315) 369-3321

Town Court of Winfield

(315) 822-4555

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