Fairfield NY Town Court

Fairfield is a small town in Herkimer County bordered by Manheim, Newport, and West Canada Creek. Routes 28, 29, 169, and 170 pass nearby. If you receive a ticket for speeding (SPEED IN ZONE or SPEED OVER 55, etc), 1144 (FLD DUE CARE EMERGENCY VEHICLE), OP Mobile Phone, etc., please be sure to answer your ticket in a timely manner. To do so, enter a plea of Guilty or Not Guilty on your ticket and return to the court at the address specified. Contact our office for questions about what fines or special Driver Responsibility Fees may apply and how you may be able to reduce charges and points. List below is the official website and contact information for the town of Fairfield if you wish to speak with the Court Clerk regarding your case.

Phone: (315) 891-7645
Official Website: townoffairfieldny.org

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